Exceptional Care, Continued

Your medical provider or local hospital has asked Assistentcy to work with patients like you to guide you through the confusing world of medical billing and help you understand and resolve your billing balances. Our account representatives are trained to assess your specific situation to help you determine the best way to proceed with payments toward your medical bills.

We Make Sense of Your Medical Bills


We are proficient in assisting with health insurance and medical billing issues and can help both providers and carriers to correct any missteps so you can feel confident in the amount you are responsible for paying.


Our team prides themselves in their high level of customer service and strives to greet everyone cheerfully and treat all our clients with dignity and respect.


Assistentcy works hard to help you set up a payment plan that fits into your monthly budget, so you never have to worry about debt collectors calling you. We are not a creditor; we simply work as an extension of your physician’s office team.

How can Assistentcy, LLC. (Assistentcy) help me?