General Consumer FAQs

If you have received telephone calls or voice mail messages from an Assistentcy representative, you may have a remaining balance with a medical provider with whom you have recently contracted for services.

  • Yes.
  • If you provide a valid personal email and grant us consent to communicate with you through electronic methods, Assistentcy will be happy to direct information to you in this manner.

Assistentcy, LLC. FAQs

  • No.
  • Assistentcy acts as an Extended Business Office (EBO) for the hospitals and physicians it partners with.
  • The patient accounts Assistentcy helps manage are not in default.
  • Assistentcy is accredited with the Better Business Bureau and carries an A+ rating.
  • Assistentcy supports health and medical providers by managing their billing and communication needs with their patients.  Doing so allows these professionals more time to focus on delivering the highest quality of patient care.
  • Similarly, Assistentcy supports patients by helping them understand their balances and by assisting them in their efforts to resolve them.
  • Assistentcy representatives can be helpful in assisting you to establish affordable payment plans for your current medical balance(s).
  • Assistentcy will ensure your payments are quickly and accurately processed and applied to the proper balance(s).
  • Assistentcy can be instrumental in forwarding insurance coverage information to the provider and facilitating the provider’s efforts to submit a claim on your behalf.
  • When acceptable payment plans have been established, Assistentcy can help prevent your balance(s) from reaching a default status or potentially being referred to a collection agency.
  • Assistentcy representatives can put you in touch with the correct provider’s department to determine your eligibility for financial assistance, when applicable.

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